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Current Sun

AIA 304

Best for Filaments and Prominences


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Latest Image from NASA's SDO


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Live Sunspots

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Latest Image from NASA's SDO


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An Update On Our Meetings...

For the time being, all future meetings of the Delmarva Astronomy Society at Milton Library are on hold. The normal meeting contributors are unable to continue to volunteer due to new jobs, the demands of college, and other commitments. We will look at the possibility of restarting the meetings pending any changes to personal schedules and/or someone from DAS stepping up to run these meetings.


We still plan to hold local star parties, and this does not affect the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation outreach events and/or commitments to NASA Wallops Island. We will continue to keep everyone informed with updates.


In the meantime, if anyone is willing to take on the responsibility of leading the monthly meetings, please let us know!


Welcome to the Delmarva Astronomy Society (DAS)! We are a group of men, women, and youth in southern Delaware who are passionate about learning more about our universe. Many of us own telescopes, but not all of us - a telescope is certainly not required for you to join us. We have no officers or dues... this is just a society of people with a common interest in astronomy!

We are associated with the local non-profit astronomy outreach foundation, the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation (DSSF), and most of our public outreach events are done in conjunction with the DSSF. In place of dues, we urge you to consider contacting the DSSF and making a donation towards their outreach efforts. Society members also frequently get together to stargaze and do astrophotography amongst ourselves... public events don't allow the privacy needed to do more serious study and photography of the night sky.


Whether you are an expert astronomer, you just got your first telescope, or you just love learning about space, we hope you will come and join us!


Check out our own Ryan Goodwin as the cover story in the January-February 2016 issue of the Eastern Shore magazine, Coastal Style!

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Upcoming Events


While Delmarva Astronomy Society is on hold, we recommend visiting the websites of the Delmarva Space Sciences Foundation or the Delmarva Stargazers for a list of upcoming astronomy events in the area.


For a calendar view of all upcoming events, visit the News & Events page!




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Clear Sky Chart for Milton, DE


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