Partial Eclipse  9/28/15 Totality  9/27/15 Totality  9/27/15 Milky Way Wide-Angle Andromeda Galaxy Dumbbell Nebula
Sun  Hydrogen Alpha Omega/Swan Nebula Jupiter  Taken using the "lucky imaging" technique Orion Nebula Craters on the Moon  The largest crater is the crater "Plato" Eagle Nebula  Notice the Pillars of Creation... the "hand" reaching out towards the star cluster
Close-up of the Moon  Apollo 15 Landing Site Saturn 6-7-2015  Saturn on June 7th, 2015 using the "lucky imaging" technique Saturn  This image was taken by holding my iPhone 5S up to the eyepiece, before I knew the "lucky imageing" technique Close-up of Solar Prominences  Hydrogen Alpha M22 Globular Cluster Lagoon Nebula
Jupiter  Double Eclipse of Jupiter by Europa & Io Sun  White Light (Re-colored to yellow) Moon  Apollo 15 Lunar Range Trifid Nebula Trifid Nebula Moon  Crescent Moon in the Daytime
Running Man Nebula M13 Globular Cluster  One of my first long-exposure astro-images... Before I knew what was causing my severe coma problems! Jupiter  Taken using the "lucky imaging" technique Sun  Hydrogen Alpha Galactic Center  Taken at with my Canon 70D DSLR using a Canon 50mm lens Ring Nebula
Pleides Moon Flame Nebula  The bright star is the left-most star in Orion's Belt Sun  Close-up of Sunspots Whirlpool Galaxy  Whirlpool Galaxy Moon  Lunar Craters
Eastern & Western Veil Nebula North America Nebula Triangulum Galaxy Nearly Full Moon Sun  White Light Milky Way  Deep-Sky Objects Labeled
Galactic Center  Deep-Sky Objects Labeled Milky Way over Assateague Orion & Running Man Nebula  The Running Man Nebula is shown above the Orion Nebula.  These nebula make up Orion's sword, which hangs below his belt. Milky Way over Assateague Perseid over Assateague  A bright Perseid streaks over Assateague.  The blue glow is from Ocean City, MD to the north.  The red glow is from the nearby bonfire illuminating its smoke.